Tuesday, October 15, 2002

We had our first day outside of McMurdo today (aside from training). We snowmobiled out to the site of our field camp near Big Razorback Island to make sure all our huts made it to the right location. Here I am on my new ride after arriving at camp:

We drilled a REALLY big hole in the ice to check its thickness and to create a site for the underwater videocamera (which feeds to a TV in our hut!). Check out the auger!:

Here's the camp being towed into place:

The camp is situated at the foot of Erebus. To the south (right) is Big Razorback Island:

Darren is fixing up our kitchen:

And finally, first seal sighting!! This a mother-pup pair hanging out at the ice crack just off shore at Big Razorback:

Sunday, October 13, 2002

Wow- it worked! Ok - here's a bunch more:
Here we are at happy camper school, building our first windbreak

This is Mt. Discovery at dusk, looking from McMurdo

Here are Jeff, Darren, Bob, and Jay due a brief fit of warmth (note absence of red parkas) following building the snow cave

McMurdo Station

The Royal Society Range - Mountain range on the Antarctic continent, viewed from Ross Island (where McMurdo Station is)

And, here is one of our many modes of transport across the sea ice, the trusty Haglund

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