Thursday, November 21, 2002

Our time left in Erebus Bay is beginning to wane, but the pups are waxing fatter by the day. Here are two photos that show pups nursing, and demonstrate how large they have become relative to mom:

From the helicopter recon flights we've done, we've found a few more seal hideouts at one of the colonies (North Base). Going in later and finding them from the ground is the tricky part. Here's a shot of Christine (as we make our way in toward the colony) which shows what the landscape is like at North Base.

The next photos are of a seal emerging onto the ice. Watching something quite large, heavy, and fusiform gain enough purchase on slick ice to haul out of the water is always impressive. Occasionally, they surface so quickly that their momentum rockets them out of the hole and onto the ice in one shot - haven't caught that one on film yet though!

And finally, a nice close up of a snoozing mom...

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