Friday, November 29, 2002

It has been another exciting week in Antarctica, starting with a trip to Cape Royds which is just north of our study area, and is home to a large Adelie penguin rookery. We tagged a few pups that were with females who had previously been seen on the study area. Here is a photo of our crew in front of Erebus, the ever-present backdrop:

As we were checking tags on seals, this little delegation from the Adelie rookery came out to investigate us:

Mid week, we complete our sixth census of the entire study area. Darren and I spent some time in North Base locating a new seal hide out, and here is a photo of me after reaching the top of a slope for a look-out:

It was incredibly warm in North Base the day we censused, as it is sheltered from the wind. Here is a pup enjoying the sunshine, and another cooling off:

On Thursday, we had a semi-authentic Thanksgiving meal. No turkey - but stuffing, pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes. The Coleman oven works really well!

Friday we visited the "Ob Tube", which has been installed in the sea ice near Tent Island. You can climb down a ladder inside this tube and sit in a chamber beneath the ice. There was no seal activity while I was down there, but still fascinating to see the underside of the ice, sea stars, krill, jellyfish and anything else that wanders by:

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