Friday, October 10, 2003

Greetings from McMurdo Station!
We finally made it down here on Tuesday October 7th, after a few more days of delay in Christchurch. We have a crew of 6 this year, half of which are currently experiencing "happy camper school" - the survival training required for all new folks before they go out to live at a field camp. The past few days, and the next few days have been and will be taken up with all the miscellaneous trainings/classes/briefings that must be attended before we can go charging off and live on our own out on the sea ice. Additionally, we are in line for the heavy equipment and personnel needed to tow our fish huts out on the sea ice to their summer home. Hopefully this will take place this Wednesday. In the meantime, we are amassing gear and getting ready. We hope to have a helicopter flight over the study area on Monday to see where the seals are hanging out right now, and then Tuesday we can snowmobile up the coast a bit and find some seals to tag in order to get new crewmembers up to speed with how the tagging and handling works.

It has been right around 0 degrees F since we arrived, and not too windy until today, so not bad weather in general - although several flights have been turned around as the visibility has not been suitable for landing on the ice.

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