Sunday, November 09, 2003

Most of the Weddell seals that will have pups this season have done so by now - there will be a few more born over the next few weeks but for the most part they are all here. Now that we have the majority of these newcomers tagged, we begin our population censuses that will continue for the next few weeks. Our first census was on Saturday and 978 seals were counted in the area of the coast which stretches from Scott Base (the New Zealand base) to Cape Evans.

We spent 2 days last week just hanging around camp waiting for the weather to improve. A storm moved in on Wednesday, started to lift on Thursday, then a second storm arrived with impressive winds. I walked around outside for a short time just to see what it was like, as some of these photos show. The last photo is from a jaunt we took out to the ice edge last weekend. We saw a few Emperor penguins, and lots of Adelie penguins starting to set up shop at their rookery at Cape Royds.

A view of our camp in the storm

Kelly and Susy making their way back to camp after a short walk in the storm

Knitting is a good way to pass the time in a storm

A seal pup waiting for his mom to return from a swim.

An Emperor penguin in front of Mount Erebus

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